Virgin Media launches wifi boosting pods in bid to reduce blackspots


Virgin Media has launched wifi boosting pods designed to help households struggling with broadband blackspots.

Customers can expect speeds up to three times faster around the home when the new equipment is combined with enhanced intelligent wifi features onboard its hubs, the firm claims.

The pods, which can be plugged in and moved to any location in the home as needed, aim to reduce the impact of neighbouring wifi networks by automatically changing settings to stop interference.

Virgin Media's Intelligent WiFi Plus
Virgin Media's Intelligent WiFi Plus

Coverage is extended through the creation of a cloud-controlled ‘mesh’ network which constantly adapts and evolves, ensuring connected devices seamlessly make use of the strongest possible signal regardless of where in the home they are being used.

Virgin Media’s Ultimate Oomph and Gig1 customers can receive the service, known as Intelligent WiFi Plus, at no extra cost, while others can upgrade for £5 per month.

However, the firm said it has rolled out firmware improvements to all Hub 3 or Hub 4 routers that should also improve connectivity.

“Intelligent WiFi Plus is our most advanced and impressive WiFi service to date that will help remove broadband blackspots and bring faster and more reliable speeds throughout the home,” said Jeff Dodds, chief operating officer at Virgin Media.

“Whether our customers are working, streaming, browsing, playing or keeping connected online, the combo of new Hub features and WiFi Pods provides a step change in connectivity that won’t let you down.”

The move comes after internet service providers saw record usage in 2020 due to increased home working during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as remote schooling, major video gaming launches and streaming for entertainment.