Rob McElhenney donates £6,000 to disabled Wrexham fan’s bathroom fundraiser

A Wrexham football club fan said he was left speechless after the club’s new celebrity owner donated £6,000 for him to install a specialist disability bath in his home.

Aiden Stott, 37, was trying to raise the money needed to install the adapted bath in his new Manchester flat.

The “Wrexham born-and-bred” football enthusiast has cerebral palsy, with no use of his left side and limited use of his right side and had moved to be closer to his sister after his care allowance was cut.

Struggling to wash him in his current bathroom, the family set up a fundraiser and woke up the following day to find the entire amount needed had been donated by actor and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenney.

Mr Stott told the PA news agency he “couldn’t believe it” when his sister told him the news.

He said: “I am absolutely buzzing, I feel absolutely ecstatic.

“For something to happen like this, it’s just unreal. I am still in shock now.”

Mr Stott has been a season ticket holder at the club for a number of years and is a member of the Disabled Supporters Association, who shared his fundraising appeal online.

His sister Cheryl said: “We had our head in our hands when we got the quote for £6,000 thinking where are going to get that from?

“I just took a punt by setting up the fundraiser and it just grew.”

McElhenney and actor Ryan Reynolds became the new owners of the football club after their bid was approved by the National League club’s Supporters Trust on Monday.

Both Cheryl and Aiden said they were pleased when they heard the news of the celebrity takeover.

Ms Stott, 38, told PA: “When it broke, the news of their names, I thought 2020 is just getting weirder and weirder. We couldn’t believe they even knew about our little town. The fact they’d done so much research, it just brought hope to everyone.

“Our little sleepy town and our sleeping giant of a football club, it’s definitely going to be going places now. Definitely back in the league in the next couple of years, we hope!”