What the papers say – November 19

The personal and economic prices of coronavirus, as well as William’s words on his mother’s Panorama interview, fill the national papers.

The Daily Telegraph reports three households could be allowed to meet under a proposed relaxing of the rules at Christmas, though the says that could come at the cost of “lockdown for most of January”.

Every day of fun with family will lead to “FIVE DAYS of extreme lockdown”, warns the Daily Mirror.

The Daily Express offers a “double dose of good news” as it says two vaccine candidates are producing “exciting” results.

The positivity continues in Metro which reports an NHS doctor had premature twins while in a coronavirus-caused coma.

The Times says Boris Johnson has promised the largest investment in the military since the Cold War, but The Guardian reports the £16 billion announcement comes as the foreign aid budget “faces huge cut”.

Rishi Sunak will next week publish what his allies have described as a “scary” outlook for the economy, which he expects will suffer the effects of the pandemic until at least 2024, according to the Financial Times.

Meanwhile, Labour “stands on the brink of civil war” after leader Sir Keir Starmer blocked Jeremy Corbyn from sitting as a party MP, The Independent reports.

The Sun and the Daily Mail say the Duke of Cambridge wants the truth about journalist Martin Bashir’s Panorama interview with Diana, Princess of Wales

And the Daily Star reports that as Britain fought coronavirus, £10b “of taxpayers’ cash was trousered by Bozo’s cronies and other chancers”.

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