Delivery driver drags motorcyclist away after bike catches fire in northern China

Story and video by Newsflare

A delivery driver rushed into a fire to save a fellow driver whose motorcycle caught fire on a street in northern China.

In the CCTV footage captured in Dalian, Shenyang province, a takeaway motorcyclist crashed into the curb causing his bike to catch fire. The rider fell forward into the grass and his body caught fire as well.

Another delivery man, named Zhang Dejiang, upon seeing the blaze got off his motorbike and rushed over.

Zhang Dejiang, who weighs 160 kilograms, tried his best to drag the poor man out from the fire. After dragging him for less than two metres, he was exhausted.

At this time, two passing drivers stopped to join the rescue team. Finally, they dragged the wounded driver out of danger. Later, a driver took off his jacket to put out the fire burning on the motorcyclist.

The delivery driver is currently being treated at a local hospital.

According to traffic police, before the motorcycle passed the intersection, a heavy truck crossed over and the water pipe at the rear of the vehicle was broken due to resistance and tension, leaving a thin steel wire on the road.

The takeaway rider hit the steel wire and the vehicle lost control, causing the accident.

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