Level 4 restrictions: Key points as 11 areas move into Scotland’s highest tier

Level 4 is the highest in Scotland’s five-tier coronavirus restriction system, which came into force on November 2.

Applying to 11 council areas across Scotland from 6pm on Friday, it is the closest Scots will have come to the full lockdown restrictions introduced in March.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said placing those with “stubbornly high” levels of the virus into this level for a limited period could help enable some easing at Christmas.

Man stacking chairs
Hospitality venues are closed under the rules (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Here are the key restrictions under Level 4.

– People cannot meet in each other’s homes, with exceptions for extended households and people providing care.

– Socialising outdoors is limited to six people from two households.

– All hospitality businesses are closed, except for takeaway services and essential work-related accommodation.

– All non-essential retail businesses are closed – including “close-contact” services such as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians.

Worshippers in church
Restrictions will be in place for religious services (Andrew Milligan/PA)

– Public transport must not be used unless essential, with a ban on travel outside the council area to be legally enforceable from Friday.

– Indoor sports facilities and all leisure and entertainment venues are closed.

– Places of worship remain open but with a limit of 20 people and the same for funerals, while there is a maximum of 15 for weddings and civil partnerships – including the couple.

– Outdoor workplaces, construction, manufacturing, vets and film and TV productions can remain open, along with those providing essential services, with everyone else recommended to work from home.

– Schools will remain open with enhanced and targeted protective measures.

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