DJ tells court stalker turned up outside his workplace despite restraining order

A BBC DJ has told a court he saw his stalker looking “transfixed” through the window of his workplace just a month after a restraining order banned her from going there.

Sarah Jayne Rook, 44, was jailed in June for 26 weeks for stalking Gilles Peterson and for racially aggravated harassment of his wife Atsuko between January and March.

The 6Music DJ, whose real surname is Moehrle, previously told London’s Stratford Magistrates’ Court that Rook repeatedly turned up outside his home and hurled abuse which included “all kinds of stuff from paedophile to Hiroshima and rapist – all very extreme words”.

The broadcaster also previously told the court he found a torn-up picture of himself clipped to the windscreen of his car and that he had been scared by a tweet sent to him while on air reading “f****** kill him”.

Mr Moehrle told a fact-finding hearing on Friday he was in the ground floor kitchen of his workplace with a friend on June 29 when he saw Rook standing outside “about 20 metres away”.

Removing a black face covering to give evidence, he told the court:  “She was just loitering, standing, erratically moving about, drinking from a bottle and she was transfixed, looking at the house”.

The court also heard a statement by Sgt Levi Reid, one of the officers who arrested Rook a few streets away.

Sgt Reid said she looked “confused” when told she was being arrested for breaching the order and claimed she was not aware of it.

In police bodycam footage shown in court, Rook said: “I was just on the road, I have got no malice here.”

Defence lawyer Nicola Grindey said Rook has indicated she is not guilty of breaching her bail restrictions, but accepts she was in the area.

It was not explained in court how Rook was able to go to the DJ’s home a month after being jailed for 26 weeks.

District Judge Jane McIvor told the court Rook was “well aware” of the order because she was present when it was made.

After her arrest Rook was remanded in custody on July 30, but was later transferred to a psychiatric hospital, where her doctors said she was not fit to stand trial.

The court expects a progress report from psychiatrists on November 20 and sentencing will take place at a later date.

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