What the human rights watchdog says Labour needs to do to tackle anti-Semitism

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has made a series of recommendations for Labour after finding it broke the law in its handling of anti-Semitism complaints.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the party would accept all the recommendations.

The EHRC said the party must:

– Commission an independent process to handle and determine anti-Semitism complaints, which should last until trust and confidence in the process is fully restored.

– Acknowledge the effect that political interference has had on the handling of anti-Semitism complaints.

– Implement clear rules and guidance that ban any inappropriate interference in the complaints process.

– Put in place long-term arrangements for independent oversight of the complaint handling process.

– Audit its complaint handling process to address any ongoing issues.

– Measure confidence in the complaint handling process.

– Publish a comprehensive policy and procedure, setting out how anti-Semitism complaints will be handled and how decisions will be made.

– Review and update Labour’s social media policy to make it clear that members may be investigated and subject to disciplinary action if they share or like any anti-Semitic content online.

– Commission and provide education and practical training for all individuals involved in the anti-Semitism complaints process.

– Make sure that all members found to have engaged in anti-Semitic conduct undertake an educational course on identifying and tackling anti-Semitism, regardless of the level of sanction applied.

– Engage with the Jewish community to develop and embed clear, accessible and robust principles and practices to tackle anti-Semitism and to instil confidence for the future.

Anti-semitism in Labour
Anti-semitism in Labour

Sir Keir promised to “act decisively” and instigate a “culture change” in the party.

He has ordered staff to work with the EHRC to implement its recommendations.

And he promised an independent complaints process would be in place as soon as possible.