What the papers say – October 16

Widespread discontent over the lockdown laws dominates the front pages on Friday.

The Daily Mail reports on confusion over new lockdown laws and their effect on business, calling it an “epidemic of madness”.

The i says rebellion against lockdown is growing, while The Guardian and Metro lead on calls to not make the North a “sacrificial lamb” in terms of the latest moves to combat Covid-19.

Boris Johnson is fighting to save the Government’s three-tier plan in the face of opposition from Labour, scientists and the NHS, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Mirror leads on backlash from the North about Covid restrictions, calling it a “northern revolt”.

And the Daily Star covers that angle with a mock-up of Boris Johnson in a clown suit receiving a “custard pie in the mush” from the North.

Meanwhile, The Times leads on its investigation into a Russian network it says spreads disinformation and fear about Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine.

And the Financial Times mentions the northern lockdown backlash, but leads on Mr Johnson being ready to force the EU’s hand by beefing up talk about a no-deal Brexit.

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