What the papers say – September 25

The Chancellor’s economic recovery plan dominates the nation’s newspapers.

The Daily Express calls the rescue package “Houdini Rishi’s” daring escape plan.

The Daily Mail‘s front page echoes that theme somewhat, carrying Mr Rishi’s call for Britons to now “live without fear”.

Or, as The Daily Telegraph reports, to “face up to the hard choices”.

Metro has dubbed the Chancellor “Radical Rishi”.

But the Daily Mirror calls his rescue package “too little, too late”.

And The Times carries warnings about fears of major job losses since Mr Sunak ultimately scaled back his plan – a message also carried in The Guardian and The Independent.

The i says Mr Sunak has taken a gamble on topping up wages in the last days of the furlough scheme.

And the Financial Times reports the wage support move comes as Mr Sunak warned he “cannot save” every job.

Meanwhile, the Daily Star reports people are again panic-buying toilet paper ahead of Covid’s second wave, under a headline of “Groundbog Day”.