What the papers say – September 17

The coronavirus ‘test crisis’ and economic fears about new restrictions lead the papers.

The Daily Mirror says “Tories aren’t testing” as it reports virus cases “soared to the highest daily rise since May” yesterday.

Thousands of teachers have been forced to isolate at home due to a lack of tests, according to The Guardian, while the i cites a senior Tory as saying hundreds of schools will shut down if the Government fails to act.

The Daily Mail says it warned of “looming test crisis FIVE months ago” and The Daily Telegraph reports tests will be rationed, with a priority placed on hospitals and care homes.

The Times says pubs and restaurants across the UK could face curfews as part of the pandemic response.

But the Daily Express warns a new clampdown would be “disastrous” for the economy.

The Prime Minister has backed down to Conservative rebels over their concerns about the internal market bill, according to the Financial Times.

The Independent, meanwhile, reports Boris Johnson has failed “to quell Tory rebellion” after frontbencher Lord Keen resigned in protest over the Government’s plans for the bill.

Metro carries a photo of a baby who was mauled to death by his family’s dog just days after being born.

And the Daily Star says serial killer Dennis Nilsen’s pet dog knew he was “a wrong ‘un”.

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