The key points from Scotland’s Programme for Government

Here are the key points from the Programme for Government revealed by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at Holyrood.

– Draft independence Bill to be published before May

Legislation setting out proposed terms and timing will be produced by the Scottish Government before the next Holyrood election.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Before the end of this Parliament, we will publish a draft Bill setting out the proposed terms and timing of an independence referendum – as well as the proposed question that people will be asked in that referendum.”

– Proximity tracing app to tackle Covid-19

Protect Scotland will be launched next month as an additional means of notifying people that they may have been exposed to the virus and should self-isolate.

The First Minister said the Scottish Government would prioritise work such as this to suppress the virus.

– Youth jobs guarantee scheme

Ms Sturgeon said: “Central to our programme is a Youth Guarantee – a new partnership with Scotland’s employers, backed by £60 million of Government investment, to guarantee everyone aged 16 to 24 a job, a place in education or a place in training.”

An implementation plan is due to be set out by the Economy Secretary on Wednesday.

– £500 million active travel fund

The money will go towards infrastructure that supports modes of transport such as cycling and walking.

It comes alongside a £1.6 billion low-carbon fund to transition to a net-zero economy, with a 20-year vision for energy-efficient housing.

– Review of adult social care

The First Minister announced a review of adult social care with the aim of creating a National Care Service in Scotland.

She said the service could be a “lasting and positive legacy” from the coronavirus crisis.

Ms Sturgeon told MSPs that the pandemic has “underlined the need for improvement and reform” of the care sector and the Government needed to be “bold” to improve the system.