‘Stiff breezes expected’: Unfortunate BBC weather map reveals rude shape

A BBC weather forecast displaying a graphic of a rain cloud (Picture: SWNS)

A BBC weather map showed an incoming weather system which unfortunately had a rude shape.

The phallic-shaped rain front caused a stir online after BBC Essex weather experts predicted heavy showers across the Bank Holiday weekend.

The image soon went viral with amused internet users quickly pointing out its striking resemblance to male genitalia.

The image of the strangely shaped band of rain has since been liked and shared thousands of times since it was uploaded to Twitter on Friday evening.

One user wrote "some may call it a ballsy move to go Southend today" while another person added, "looks like it's peeing it down."

Others mentioned "stiff breezes expected" and one user took it to the limit when he suggested, "so we can expect a few inches of rain this weekend then?"

The BBC says Essex will be cloudy and windy on Saturday with the chance of further showers or longer outbreaks of rain.

It will feel cool in a brisk northerly wind.

Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday will be largely dry and settled as an area of high pressure extends from the west.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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