What the papers say – August 11

Increasing tensions over the reopening of schools and problems with A-level results feature prominently on the nation’s papers on Tuesday.

The Times leads with a story countering claims it would be entirely safe to reopen schools, saying older pupils can spread the coronavirus like adults can.

The i follows a similar theme, splashing with a survey showing two-thirds of families are worried about sending their children back to school next month.

The Independent carries pleas for universities to hold places open for students amid expected delays in A-level results.

And The Guardian says ministers are under pressure over the botched handling of A-Level results in England.

The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail say people who fail to answer phone calls from test and trace teams will be door-knocked.

The Daily Mirror‘s front page attacks some responsible for the system, calling for “track and trace failures” to be sacked.

And mobs who are against wearing masks have been mocking shoppers who do, according to Metro.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express reports eight out of 10 retired homeowners are being frozen out of attaining mortgages.

Beijing has struck back against Washington’s latest moves in their long-running feud by placing sanctions on US senators, the Financial Times reports.

And the Daily Star leads with a story about Rod Hull and Emu.

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