‘Inquisitive’ lynx kittens at Bristol wildlife attraction to be named by public

Two “playful and inquisitive” lynx kittens at the Wild Place Project in Bristol are due to be named by the public.

The pair, believed to be the first lynx kittens born in a UK zoo this year, will be named by the public based on results from a Facebook poll.

The shortlist includes Viking-inspired names Ragnar and Lagertha, Lars and Sigrid, after characters from Eurovision film The Story Of Fire Saga, and Kinsey, in tribute to UK caves where lynx bones have been discovered.

Introducing our lynx kittens!

As our Bear Wood anniversary celebrations continue, we are putting the spotlight on our lovely lynx, Zone, Loka and of course our beautiful new arrivals! Since Bear Wood opened a year ago, our lynx have been rather elusive but as time has gone on, they're being spotted more and more and are becoming a firm favourite! We'd love to see your best snaps of our new family of four. 📸👇Read more about our lynx family here and find out – do lynx meow or roar?wildplace.org.uk/news/lynx-meow-roar

Posted by Wild Place Project on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A spokesman for the Wild Place Project said: “The pair are becoming more playful and inquisitive, and venturing out of their den in the woodland undergrowth more frequently.

“Despite now being more adventurous, the pair are still under the watchful eye of first-time mother Loka, who is never too far away.”

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