Angry motorist dumps plaster over traffic warden

An angry motorist covered a female traffic warden in plaster (Picture: SWNS)

A traffic warden has been covered in plaster by an angry motorist.

Swindon Borough Council has released pictures of a female employee who was splashed from top to bottom in the building material.

The shocking image showed her hair and uniform covered in plaster after she was attacked while on duty.

The council said wardens were assaulted three times in town over the past week.

A spokesperson added: "We're sad to report that, this week, our parking wardens have been assaulted three times, one was even covered in plaster.

"We understand that you are using your cars more and need to find parking, but that's no excuse for dangerous parking or this kind of behaviour."

It was the third attack in Swindon over the past week (Picture: SWNS)

Wardens were put under stress during lockdown when people flocked to Devon and they run out of tickets for illegally parked cars.

Several routes into beaches were packed with cars as people raced to the seaside during a heatwave in May.

Barnstaple Police tweeted at the time: "Traffic wardens are running out of tickets. Do not abandon your cars as emergency vehicles can't get [through]. They will be towed away.

"The traffic heading to the North Devon beaches is exceptionally busy. The beach car parks are now closed for new traffic....please avoid the area."

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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