Uber waits for decision on Supreme Court fight over whether drivers are workers


Uber bosses are waiting for a ruling after a Supreme Court fight over whether drivers should be classed as workers.

Seven justices have reserved a ruling after a virtual two-day Supreme Court hearing.

Uber operating companies appealed to the Supreme Court after losing three earlier rounds of the fight.

An employment tribunal ruled in 2016 that Uber drivers were workers, and were entitled to workers’ rights.

That ruling was upheld by an employment appeal tribunal, and by Court of Appeal judges.

Lawyers representing Uber operating companies told Supreme Court justices that the employment tribunal ruling was wrong.

They said drivers did not “undertake to work” for Uber.

But lawyers representing drivers said the tribunal was entitled to conclude that drivers were working.

They say Uber’s appeal should be dismissed.

Justices are expected to deliver a ruling later in the year.