Number of weekly deaths linked to Covid-19 at lowest level since lockdown began

The number of weekly registered deaths involving coronavirus has fallen to the lowest level since lockdown was first introduced, figures show.

According to new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of deaths registered in England and Wales involving Covid-19 in the week ending July 3 was 532.

It is the lowest number of deaths linked to the virus in the last 15 weeks, the ONS said.

It added: “The number of death registrations involving the coronavirus (Covid-19) decreased from 606 in Week 26 to 532 in Week 27, the lowest number of Covid-19 deaths registered since Week 12, week ending March 20, when 103 deaths involved Covid-19.

“Of all deaths registered in Week 27, 5.8% mentioned Covid-19, down from 6.7% in Week 26.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced lockdown measures on March 23 and in that week 539 deaths involving coronavirus were registered, according to ONS figures.

More than 50,548 deaths involving Covid-19 have been recorded in England and Wales during the outbreak, with the virus the main reason for deaths increasing above what would normally be expected for this period, the ONS said.

The number of deaths involving coronavirus in care homes in England that were registered by July 3 was 14,332, it added.

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