Trespassers risk their lives climbing to the top of the UK's tallest rollercoaster without any safety gear

Video and words from SWNS

This is the hair-raising moment three daredevils climb 200ft to the top of the UK's tallest roller-coaster without any safety gear.

Kain Hogg, 20, and two pals, broke into Blackpool Pleasure Beach amusement park and scaled to the top of The Big One - a 213ft steel roller-coaster.

The trio claim they wanted to sleep at the top of the ride and managed to get all the way to the top before being spotted by security.

Rollercoaster trespass

Nail biting footage shows them running down the massive steep track to get away.

The reckless group claim security guards told them they were the first group to get all the way to the top of the ride.

When the £12m ride - formerly known as the Pepsi Max - opened in 1994, it was the tallest and steepest roller coaster in the world.

Rollercoaster trespass

Kain said: "Security clocked onto us and started gathering their units at the bottom of the ride.

"They had a van and three German shepherds apparently ready to be let out on us.

"We wanted to sleep on top of the Pepsi Max for the night, but we never got the opportunity. I bought my hammock and everything.

"Our intentions were not to cause trouble but to get as many photo opportunities as possible from the summit of the rollercoaster."

Rollercoaster trespass

The men climbed the ride on July 7 at around 7pm.

The video clip shows the three young boys running down the lift hill of the 200ft roller-coaster, without any safety equipment.

Security can be heard saying "Are they hooked onto anything? If they slip, they're gone."

Rollercoaster trespass

Police were called but it is understood they were just given a warning by the security guards.

A Pleasure Beach Spokesperson said: "Blackpool Pleasure Beach security patrols became aware of intruders on the park.

"Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Security team operate with vigilance over a 24 hour period across the 42 acre site, assisted by CCTV surveillance, monitoring activity on the grounds of Blackpool Pleasure Beach."

Rollercoaster trespass

Kain added: "At the end of the day, if we've successfully climbed something we've planned, then getting arrested is just a factor for our normal lifestyle.

"But having police called out is the last thing we want as we respect them just like anybody else.

"But the view was amazing even if the weather wasn't at it's best."

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