Workers suffering from anxiety and sleeplessness since lockdown, study suggests

A “worrying” number of workers are suffering from the impact of the economic lockdown, ranging from a lack of sleep and energy to an increase in depression, a new study suggests.

A lack of job security, rising workloads, and poor communication from managers were blamed by many for the stresses they were suffering.

A survey of 1,000 workers found that two in five said they were suffering from anxiety, a third from sleeplessness and a fifth from depression.

Jobs site Glassdoor said its research also uncovered trends of a lack of motivation and energy among many workers since the lockdown was ordered in March.

The lockdown appears to have disproportionately affected women workers rather than men, said the report.

Joe Wiggins, of Glassdoor, said: “It’s clear UK employees are having a tough time right now, managing heavy workloads, trying to find a work/life balance and staying motivated and energised.

“Pressure at work comes in a number of different guises and it must be said that a certain amount of pressure is good for motivation and achievement.

“However, the lockdown seems to have led to a situation where a worrying proportion of employees are suffering.

“To help, employees should consider how they can nurture their physical and mental wellbeing, through exercise, hobbies and practising mindfulness to reduce anxiety, as well as meditation to support quality sleep.”

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