‘Beautiful moment’ politician helps ducklings cross busy road


A politician was spotted helping a duck and two ducklings safely cross a busy road in New York.

Kelly Suhr, who filmed the encounter on July 2, said traffic came to a “complete standstill” as US congresswoman Kathleen Rice helped the ducklings cross the road.

“On my way to Central Park I ran into these cute little ducklings, I just had to film them,” Ms Suhr told the PA news agency.

“As I filmed I couldn’t believe what was transpiring, the traffic on Fifth Avenue literally came to a complete standstill!”

In the video, Ms Rice is seen holding her hands up to signal for cars to stop, before waving the ducks across a busy stretch of road on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

Ms Suhr told PA: “It was such a beautiful moment and I’m so glad I kept the camera rolling.

“It just goes to show how we all need some good news in our lives right now.”

Ms Rice responded to the incident on Twitter, writing: “Proud to serve every New Yorker, including those with webbed feet.”