Teenager helps fight Covid-19

A fifteen-year-old entrepreneur has developed a wearable device that stops you touching your face.

The technology aims to tackle one of the key transmission pathways of Covid-19 - face touching.

Vybpro is a wristband which vibrates to alert wearers every time they are about to subconsciously touch their face.

The device is the brainchild of tech-savvy Max Melia whose parents were both struck down with coronavirus.

Worn on both wrists, it works by recognising gestures that are associated with hand movements towards the face.

The Vybpro will retail form around £89.99 for a pair of wristbands. Available in a choice of two colours, it is made from waterproof silicon, is splash resistant and re-chargeable.

It can easily be turne d off when eating and drinking.

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