Civil War memorial damaged and spray-painted with ‘BLM’

An English Civil War memorial has suffered “significant damage” and been spray-painted with the letters “BLM”.

West Mercia Police said they are “looking at all possible groups and individuals that may have caused this damage” despite the graffiti depicting the initials of Black Lives Matter.

The force said it is believed the memorial in Fort Royal Park, Worcester, was damaged between 3pm on Monday and 7am on Tuesday.

The memorial is believed to have been damaged between 3pm on Monday and 7am on Tuesday (West Mercia Police/PA)

Worcester councillor Jabba Riaz took to Twitter to condemn the vandalism.

He said: “Shocking absolutely shocking. I take this personally as I fought tooth and nail to get this beautiful park restored and secured £250k for it to be upgraded for all to enjoy.”

The park is widely known as the site of the 1651 Battle of Worcester, the final skirmish of the English Civil War.

Safer Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Troth said: “We would appreciate the community’s help with our appeal for information in relation to anyone acting suspiciously around the Fort Royal Park area or if anyone has seen the damage take place overnight.

“We believe that this damage would have caused a significant noise and disturbance, so we are hopeful someone will be able to come forward with any information that may help us.

The memorial was spray-painted with ‘BLM’ (West Mercia Police/PA)

“Although the graffiti shows BLM, the acronym for Black Lives Matter, we will be looking at all possible groups and individuals that may have caused this damage.”

He added: “You can assist us with information by calling 101 or report on our website.

“We have increased our patrols of safer neighbourhood officers in the area, who you can also give information to.”

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