In Pictures: Winston Churchill statue at centre of protests over the years

Boris Johnson has described it as “shameful” that a statue of former prime minister Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square was at risk of attack from anti-racism protesters.

It it not the first time that the monument has been targeted by demonstrators.

Sir Winston Churchill Statue – Parliament Square, London
The Queen and Baroness Spencer-Churchill attended the statue’s unveiling in 1973 (PA)
Winston Churchill statue
The statue was covered by graffiti and a turf Mohican during an anti-capitalist demonstration in 2000 (John Stillwell/PA)
Winston Churchill statue
A worker with a high-pressure water gun blasts paint off the statue a day after the demonstration (John Stillwell/PA)
Winston Churchill statue
The statue was covered in anti-war posters in 2003 after crowds gathered to opposing the war in the Gulf (John Stillwell/PA)
Winston Churchill Statue
A Westminster council worker cleans the statue of Sir Winston Churchill, which had been defaced with red paint in 2007 (Joel Ryan/PA)
Maria Gallastegui protests
Anti-war demonstrator Maria Gallastegui protested on the statue in 2009 (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Winston Churchill statue
A group of students protested next to the statue against the rise of university tuition fees in 2010 (John Stillwell/PA)
Winston Churchill statue
The clear-up begins the day after the tuition fees protest (Steve Parsons/PA)
Winston Churchill statue
Brexit protesters climbed on the statue in 2019 (Ted Hennessey/PA)
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