Eight-year-old artist launches online coronavirus-themed exhibition for charity

An eight-year-old artist has launched an online coronavirus-themed exhibition, with pieces inspired by Banksy and Tracy Emin, to raise money for charity.

Rollo Jensen has been raising money for the Trussell Trust and to help people who have been badly affected by Covid-19.

This piece was inspired by Keith Haring (Rollo Jensen)

His online exhibition includes pieces inspired by famous artists including Damien Hirst, Leonardo Di Vinci and Gerhard Richter.

One of his pieces features the Mona Lisa wearing a gas mask and gloves, with the caption ‘Stop moaning Lisa, you’ve got PPE’.

He wrote about the piece: “I thought it would be good to put PPE on the Mona Lisa because it is a very famous painting and you can’t tell if she is happy or not happy. I gave her PPE to make her happy. She is also called Mona, so she can now stop moaning.”

He has been working on his art throughout lockdown (Rollow Jensen)

Another is a neon-light rainbow, made by Andesigneon, with “thank you” written beneath it, in homage to Tracy Emin and the NHS healthcare staff who have continued to work throughout the pandemic.

He said: “I have used my handwriting to make a neon sign.

“This is to all of the NHS and everybody else who is helping fight coronavirus. It is also to everyone who stayed at home.

“I like Tracy Emin’s neon signs. It’s cool to have one made in my handwriting like Tracy Emin does.”

So far he has raised more than £1,110 for charity.

This piece, called Ride It Out And Flatten The Curve, sees a Banksy-style rat riding down a Bridget Riley-style curve (Rollo Jensen)

He hopes when lockdown is over he can hold a physical exhibition to sell the artwork and raise more money.

His exhibition is available online at: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/1041930/rollos-covid-help-the-hungry-exhibition

His fundraiser is available at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rolloart

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