Spooky moment 'ghost uses his old wheelchair' at hospital in Thailand

Hospital staff were stunned after security cameras recorded a dead man's wheelchair moving on its own.

They believe the device was being used by the spirit of the former owner after he passed away at the hospital in Udon Thani, northern Thailand.

CCTV from May 23 shows the wheelchair slowly rolling out of a corner, moving forward to a ramp without anyone pushing it.

At one point, the ghost wheelchair appears to move backwards from a small slope before it stopped near the starting point.

The bizarre incident sparked concern among hospital workers when they found the wheelchair out of position the next morning.

Thanasak Pakdeenuan, the director of Ban Kham Doung local hospital confirmed that it is a manual wheelchair so no one could have controlled it.

He said: "It was a windy night and we believe the wheelchair might have been blown around by a gust.''

Thanasak added the wheelchair was donated from the former owner, who passed away at the hospital.

He said: "Even though the wind might have been blowing the chair, we are planning to hold a Buddhist holy event to say prayers and pay respect to the spirit of the former owner, just to be safe.''

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