PM gets permission from the Queen to exercise at Buckingham Palace

Boris Johnson has reportedly been given permission by the Queen to exercise in the grounds of Buckingham Palace as he continues his recovery from Covid-19.

The Prime Minister has been allowed to make use of the grounds, amid security concerns over his habit of running in public spaces, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Johnson was seen arriving at a side entrance to the palace in an armoured Range Rover on Tuesday, before returning to Downing Street in a red T-shirt, blue shorts and trainers, the paper reported.

The PM is said to be on a keep-fit mission following his hospitalisation, with a new mantra: "Don't be a fatty in your 50s."

Already a keen runner, Johnson is understood to be particularly eager to regain his fitness after his illness, which required a stay in the intensive care unit of St Thomas's Hospital, the Daily Express reported.

He has recently been seen jogging with his dog Dilyn in the grounds of Lambeth Palace, with permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury.