Man sets hotel receptionist on fire during attempted robbery

Arson investigators are searching for a suspect who set a hotel receptionist on fire during an attempted robbery in Fort Worth, Texas.

"On Sunday night, an absolutely horrific crime was committed in our city," fire department spokesman Mike Drivdahl said.

"He made robbery demands to the clerk and threatened to burn him alive if he did not comply. The male suspect then attempted to carry through with his threat causing minor burns to the clerk and extensive fire damage to the office," the fire department added on Facebook.

Video released by the fire department shows the man throwing liquid from a plastic water bottle onto the desk toward the hotel clerk and then setting it alight. Additional security camera footage from the parking lot shows the man enter a car and drive away.

Officials believe the suspect is a "Hispanic male with long hair". He was last seen wearing a T-shirt with a button-down shirt layered over top and a ball cap. Fire officials said the man was spotted leaving the scene in a "white four-door car that is believed to be a Honda Accord with a sunroof and rear spoiler."

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