Jeffrey Dahmer’s classmate reveals chilling photo of future serial killer

An old high school yearbook photo of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer is giving people the chills on social media.

One of Dahmer's classmates, Mike Kukral, shared the image on Investigation Discovery's TV special "Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster."

Jeffrey Dahmer: American nightmare
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Jeffrey Dahmer: American nightmare
Suspected serial killer Jeffrey L. Dahmer sits in court for a hearing where he was charged with eight additional counts of first degree intentional homicide, bringing the total to 12, Aug. 7, 1991. His bail was also increased from $1 million to $5 million. (AP Photo/Jack Orton/Pool)
Summit County sherrif's detective Larry Momchilov sifts through debris as Dr. Thomas Marshall, a forenisc expert with the Sherrif's department checks a burning barrel at the former house of Jeffrey Dahmer on July 30, 1991 in Bath Township.(AP Photo)
Bath Township police officer Colin Perkins photographs a possible bone fragment at the former residence of Jeffrey L. Dahmer in Bath Township, a suburb of Akron, Ohio, July 30, 1991. Dahmer, the alleged killer of 15 men n Milwaukee, is also suspected of killing his first victim when he lived in Ohio as a teenager. The suspected victim is Steven M. Hicks, who disappeared June 18, 1978. (AP Photo/Pool)
This is Jeffrey L. Dahmer's grandmother's house, shown July 29, 1991 in a suburb of Milwaukee. Dahmer told police that he killed two unidentified victims at his grandmother's house . Dahmer also said he killed Anthony Sears at this house and brought the skull to his apartment in which he was arrested. (AP Photo/Dave Schlabowske )
Dahmer waives preliminary hearing - Accused serial killer Jeffrey L. Dahmer, (c) sits with Attorneys Gerald Boyle, (l) and Wendy Patrickus (r) during his preliminary hearing in Milwaukee Thursday, Aug. 22, 1991. Dahmer is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of intentional homicide for serial killings of Milwaukee. (AP-Photo/Allan Y. Scott/-08/22/1991-)
Jeffrey Dahmer Yearbook

Dahmer ermordete zwischen 1968 und 1991 mindestens 17 junge Männer. Dabei ging er immer gleich vor: Er lockte seine Opfer in seine Wohnung, betäubte sie, missbrauchte sie sexuell und erwürgte sie schließlich. Er verging sich an den Leichen und fotografierte ihre Zerstückelung, teilweise verspeiste er sie auch. (Bild: AP Photo)

Jeffrey Dahmer Yearbook Photo
Jeffrey Dahmer high school yearbook photo from Bath, Ohio, 1977, B&W photo on black
Awaiting the verdict- Shari and Lionel Dahmer, parents of serial killer Jeffrey L. Dahmer sit silently as the verdict in their son's senity trial, Saturday in Milwaukee. Dahmer was found sane in all 15 counts and could face life in prison for each of the counts. (AP-Photo/Rick Wood/Pool) 15.2.1992
Jeffrey L. Dahmer enters the courtroom in Milwaukee where he changed his plea to guilty but insane in the dismemberment slayings of 15 young males, Jan. 13, 1992. A jury must now determine his mental state at the time of the killings. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn/Pool)
REPLAY - Jeffrey Dahmer : les confidences édifiantes d’un serial killer sur RMC Story
Police surround the house of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Milwaukee, Wis. Photo is undated (APPhoto)
Milwaukee policemen carry away the desmembered parts of the victims of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in this undated photo. (AP Photo)
Ernest Miller, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, B&W photo on black
Ricky Beeks, 33, of Milwaukee, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, photo on black
Anthony Sears, 19, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, B&W photo
Jamie Doxtator, 14, of Milwaukee, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, photo on black
Conerak Sinthasomphone, 14, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, photo
Curtis Straughter, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, B&W poor quality photo
Lionel Dahmer, father of confessed serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, talks to his wife, Shari, during the first day of Dahmer's sanity trial ThurSday, Jan. 31, 1992 in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jim Gehrz)
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. The gruesome murders involved rape, necrophilia and cannibalism. Pleading insanity, the court found Dahmer sane and guilty on 15 counts of murder and he was sentenced to 15 life terms, the equivalent of 957 years in prison. (Photo by Curt Borgwardt/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)
Confessed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is escorted into Milwaukee Circuit Court following the selection of a 28 person jury pool in Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 29, 1992. Opening arguments in Dahmer's sanity trial will begin tomorrow. (AP Photo/Pool/Benny Sieu)
Confessed serial killer Jeffrey L. Dahmer enters Milwaukee County Court, Jan. 27, 1992, as jury selections begins. Dahmer has pleaded guilty but insane to 15 counts of killing and dismembering 15 young males. (AP Photo/Richard Brodzeller/Pool)
Angela Zettel, 28, of Milwaukee, left, sits in the first seat in the hallway outside the courtroom of the Jeffrey L. Dahmer sanity trial in Milwaukee, Jan. 28, 1992. Zettel has attended nearly every court proceeding concerning the case and is usually the first person in line each day. Also in line are Becky Ewing, 16, center, and Amy DiFrancesco, 16, both of Beloit, Wisc. (AP Photo/Bill Waugh)
Jeffrey Dahmer headshot, accused mass murderer, AP photo
Bath Township police officer Colin Perkins photographs a possible bone fragment at the former residence of Jeffrey Dahmer near Akron, Ohio, July 30, 1991. (AP Photo)
Tony Hughes, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, AP photo

The show also featured an interview with Ronald Flowers, who survived an encounter with Dahmer and described the experience:

Dahmer was convicted on 15 counts of murder and sentenced in 1992 to 15 life terms in prison. He and another inmate were beaten to death in prison in 1994 by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver.

Scarver later told the New York Post that Dahmer would make fake limbs from his food and douse them in ketchup as "blood" to taunt the other inmates.

"He would put them in places where people would be," Scarver told the newspaper in 2015. "He crossed the line with some people — prisoners, prison staff. Some people who are in prison are repentant — but he was not one of them."

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