Mangled Ferrari written-off on the deserted streets of Westminster


Despite Central London’s almost deserted streets, one unlucky driver managed to write-off their £200,000 Ferarri after colliding with a bus.

The Italian sports car – a 488 GTB – was left a crumpled wreck after apparently “T-boning” one of the capital’s double deckers on the streets of Westminster on Sunday afternoon.

One eyewitness tweeted: “The remains of a Ferrari on Northumberland Avenue. Damaged bus in the background.

“All three emergency services in attendance along with Westminster’s cleaning team tidying up the mess.”


The passer-by, who did not see the collision, told the PA news agency: “The City of Westminster’s cleaning crews were cleaning the road, removing debris, sprinkling sand.

“(There was) No sign of any injured people or driver. The road was still closed but footpath open.”

A spokeswoman for the Met Police, who are headquartered very close to the site of the collision in New Scotland Yard, said: “Police were called at approximately 13:50hrs on Sunday May 24 to reports of a damage-only collision on Northumberland Avenue,Westminster.

“No reports of injuries and no arrests.”