Tiny dwarf mongoose triplets born at Chester Zoo

Tiny dwarf mongoose triplets born at a UK zoo have been spotted out and about for the first time.

The trio, who each measure around 12cm, were born “several weeks” ago, according to Chester Zoo, but have previously only been evident by the “tiny squeaks” emanating from their burrow, only now starting to venture out.

Team manager Dave White said: “The pups are already playful but will soon build in confidence and, with dwarf mongooses being very curious and adventurous by nature, will certainly keep the group on their tiny toes.”

The triplets, born to parents Hope and Cooper, join a troop of seven at Chester Zoo and, according to Mr White, the whole group will play a part in raising them.

Baby mongoose born at Chester Zoo
Baby mongoose born at Chester Zoo

“As well as mum, some of the other females even start producing milk for them to ensure they’re well fed,” he said.

The sex of the animals is not yet known.

Dwarf mongooses, which are related to meerkats, are the smallest carnivores found in Africa, Mr White said, growing to around 30cm.