Choir gets together for virtual performance after Somerset show cancelled

A London choir has got together for a virtual performance after a planned show in Somerset was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Hi Lo Singers, a group based in north east London, performed a mash-up of Blackbird and I Will by the Beatles while they were unable to meet up for rehearsals.

Musical director Geoff Walker asked each of the singers involved in the project to film their part at home, with the videos then being edited together.

The last time the singers met in person was in early March, when the group rehearsed for their scheduled performance at Wells Cathedral in Somerset.

Emma Secher, one of the founders of Hi Lo Singers, told the PA news agency: “Our singers are a great bunch of people. One of them is an ICU doctor.

“A few of our singers have been ill with symptoms of the virus over the last weeks, so it was even more special to get everyone together.

“We plan to do a children’s virtual choir next.”

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