Christmas trees and freezers on list of levy-free products in new tariff regime

Products set to be tariff-free under the Government’s new post-Brexit tariff regime include:

– Dishwashers (down from 2.7%).

– Freezers (down from 2.5%).

– Sanitary products and tampons (down from 6.3%).

– Paints (down from 6.5%) and screwdrivers (down from 2.7%).

– Mirrors (down from 4%).

– Scissors and garden shears (down from 4.7%).

– Padlocks (down from 2.7%).

– Cooking products such as baking powder (down from 6.1%), yeast (down from 12%), bay leaves (down from 7%), ground thyme (down from 8.5%) and cocoa powder (down from 8%).

– Christmas trees (down from 2.5%).

Christmas xmas tree presents stockings fire decorations
(Peter Byrne/PA)

More than 100 products to back a sustainable economy will also be tariff-free, such as:

– Thermostats (down from 2.1%).

– Vacuum flasks (down from 6.7%).

– LED lamps (down from 3.7%).

– Bike inner tubes (down from 4%).

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