Queen congratulates charities on record-breaking £10m fundraising

The Queen has congratulated thousands of charities after they raised more than £10 million in lieu of the London Marathon.

The sum makes the 2.6 Challenge, which was put on following the postponement of the race on April 26, the biggest collective fundraising attempt in the UK.

The challenge encouraged people across the nation to get involved in all sorts of activities, from running to swimming, fancy dress and cocktail making, using the numbers two and six.

It aimed to raise money to help save charities that would lose out financially from the cancellation, and was backed by 3,691 organisations.

Now, 15 days after the challenge began, more than £10 million has been raised, prompting a message from the Queen.

A letter sent to Sir John Spurling, chairman of London Marathon Events, read: “Congratulations and warmest good wishes to you and all those involved.”

Hugh Brasher, co-chairman of the Mass Participation Sports Organisers (MSO) group and event director of London Marathon Events, described the achievement as “an extraordinary success story”.

“We would like to thank everyone involved: the team that put the campaign together, the businesses and organisations that supported it, and, most of all, every single person who came up with a 2.6 Challenge and raised money for their chosen charity,” he said.

Nick Rusling, co-chairman of MSO and chief executive of Human Race, said: “At a time when isolation is a real issue, the spirit behind the challenge has brought together families, streets, colleagues and friends.”