What the papers say – May 11

The Prime Minister’s discussion of a “road map” out of lockdown leads many of the Monday papers, after Boris Johnson spoke about how aspects of the economy and social lives can restart.

The Times leads with Mr Johnson’s speech in which he said rules will be relaxed from Wednesday as part of a three-month plan to open schools and shops.

The Daily Telegraph calls Mr Johnson’s plan “the long road to freedom”.

However, The Guardian reports Mr Johnson’s speech has left Britain “confused and divided”, as the Government replaced the “stay at home” message with “stay alert”.

The Financial Times also leads with the easing of restrictions, with the paper reporting construction is being urged to restart.

Metro reports on accusations Mr Johnson’s speech “plunged the country into confusion and potential chaos”. A similar story leads the Independent, while the i carries the headline “PM sends millions back to work”.

The Daily Mirror says the situation in Britain is “chaos”, reporting that everywhere bar England will stick with harsh curbs on freedom to stem the spread of Covid-19.

But the Daily Mail says Mr Johnson has outlined the “first steps to free Britain”, adding that the PM has kept “the handbrake on”.

The Daily Express says the PM has laid out a “route to freedom… in baby steps”.

While the Daily Star reports a “cold blob” will ruin summer in the UK.