School hosts socially distanced VE Day tea party for eight remaining pupils

A primary school has held a socially distanced VE Day tea party for children of key workers.

Breadsall Primary School in Derby hosted the small outdoor celebration on Thursday, with Union flag bunting strung above tables and music from the Second World War era playing in the background.

The party, which was attended by just eight children and four members of staff, had to be smaller than the school’s usual VE Day celebrations due to social distancing guidelines.

VE Day 75th Anniversary
VE Day 75th Anniversary

Headteacher Rachel Payne said it was sad other children could not join in with the party but it had been important for those pupils still having to attend school to recognise the importance of the day.

She told the PA news agency: “We were originally going to do VE Day on a big scale with all the school but as we only have key worker children in we decided that we needed to carry it on because it is important to recognise these people who have fought in the war.

“The school cook was our innovator, it’s got to be said – but the caretaker, cook, teachers, we’ve all done it.

VE Day 75th Anniversary
VE Day 75th Anniversary

“We always do things on these days and we love it.”

Speaking about the challenge of following social distancing guidelines, Mrs Payne said: “It makes it slower because you have to wait for everybody to take their turn and you have to think before you do anything.

“So yes, it is harder, but it’s different and you’ve just got to get used to it.

“They will remember this day in years to come that this is what we did on VE Day and we wanted them to have something to remember.”

VE Day 75th Anniversary
VE Day 75th Anniversary

Mrs Payne added: “We did lessons in the morning on VE Day so they know what it’s all about – so they understand why we are partying and not just coming out for a meal.

“We’ve also put lots on our website for all those children at home as well so they also have an opportunity to celebrate VE Day.

“I’m just sad they can’t be with us.”