Bank warns of potential increase in Ramadan-related scams

Scammers could use Ramadan to trick people into handing over money thinking they are making charitable donations, a bank has warned.

Ramadan is a time when many Muslims increase their charitable giving, but Al Rayan Bank warned that with donations and campaigns being moved online and over the phone due to social distancing, there could be an increase in fraud attempts.

Financial and police bodies have recently reported a surge in coronavirus-related scams generally, including fraudsters pretending to be collecting for good causes in their community.

Maisam Fazal, chief commercial officer at Al Rayan Bank, said: “Ramadan is a time for celebration, appreciation and charitable giving, but in the current climate, it unfortunately also means people will likely be more vulnerable to a large number of scams as donations move online.

“In order to ensure generous donations given out by the Muslim community over Ramadan are able to reach their intended cause, we encourage our customers to be watchful and aware.

“Check the legitimacy of the charities’ serial numbers via the Charity Commission website, don’t click on suspicious emails and never feel pressured to donate.

“It’s regrettable that these measures need to be put in place, but we must stay one step ahead.”

Al Rayan Bank has placed tips for avoiding scams on its website at