What the papers say – April 22

The commencing of trials for a vaccine against the coronavirus leads many of the papers on Wednesday.

The Times reports on the latest step in the “race for virus immunity”, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock saying the Government will throw everything at it.

The same angle leads the Metro and i, while the Daily Express says UK scientists are making “rapid progress”.

The Independent also leads on vaccine trials and carries a picture of an animal market running “despite coronavirus risks”.

The Daily Telegraph reports on a leaked document which, the paper suggests, reveals that tests given to thousands of NHS workers were flawed and cannot be relied upon.

The Guardian says the UK has missed chances to secure 16 million face masks for NHS staff amid a shortage of personal protective equipment.

The Financial Times leads on suggestions that politics prevented Britain from joining a European Union “pact” on ventilators.

The Sun reports on the “Darn Busters”, an army of sewers who will provide medics with protective equipment.

The Daily Mirror leads on the “scandalous” discovery of visors intended for frontline workers at a warehouse.

The Daily Mail reports that hospital referrals for cancer patients have fallen by 2,700 a week.

And the Daily Star reports on “corona chaos” as PPE has been sent to Germany from Britain.

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