Fox cub rescued by RSPCA after falling into disused well

A fox cub had to be rescued by the RSPCA after it fell into a 12ft disused well.

RSPCA staff said the young animal was frightened but not injured in the incident in a private garden in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

Animal collection officer Kate Wright said: “Thankfully, despite his big fall, he wasn’t injured and I was really keen for him to get back to his mum so I released him back into the garden.

“He darted off into the undergrowth, which is where the family believe his den is, so I’m confident he found his way back to mum!”

Ms Wright said: “The family believe the little cub fell into the well on Tuesday but first heard him crying on Wednesday night.

“They lowered some water into the well for him and threw down some food before calling us for help the following morning.

“It was dark and damp down there; he’d never have been able to get out on his own and it’s incredibly lucky that the family heard him crying for his mum and went to investigate.

“We managed to haul some concrete planks over the well to block the hole so hopefully no-one else will be falling down there!”

The RSPCA suggests that, if a member of the public spots a lone baby wild animal, they monitor the situation from afar unless the creature is obviously injured or in immediate danger from predators or traffic.