Downing Street Twitter account's picture sparks amusement over mystery 'third arm'

A picture shared by the official Downing Street Twitter account has sparked amusement for an apparent photoshop gaffe. (Picture: Twitter/UK Prime Minister)

A post from the official Downing Street Twitter account urging people to stay home amid the coronavirus outbreak has sparked amusement over the appearance of a mystery 'third arm'.

The tweet, shared on Friday evening, features a picture of two women sharing a bowl of popcorn on the sofa along with their dog, with the caption: "For staying safe there's no place like home".

But a strangely-positioned arm that appears to belong to someone wearing a different-coloured top to either of the women featured has attracted people's attention, with many questioning where it has come from.

Some pointed out that the 'black sleeve' could actually be a shadow that creates an optical illusion, but many preferred to see the funny side, offering various explanations for the 'third arm'.

One person suggested the dog must have eaten a neighbour while another questioned where the rest of the person's body was as they hid under the dog.

Some even reminisced over films like Alien and the Addams Family, which features a disembodied hand called 'Thing' that acts as a servant for the family.

Others took the opportunity to point out that if a third person was in the house, they probably weren't obeying the government's social distancing rules.

The Downing Street Twitter account has been posting regular pictures of people at home in various scenarios as part of its campaign calling for people to: "Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives".

A total of 16,060 patients have died in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Saturday, the Department of Health said — up by 596 from 15,464 the day before.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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