Huawei defends role in UK’s 5G network

Chinese hi-tech company Huawei has defended its role in the development of 5G in the UK.

The move comes after a Tory backbench attack on the company’s involvement in the roll-out of the advanced system in the UK.

The telecoms giant has said it would be a “disservice” to Britain if it was stopped from being involved in the new generation of data networks, according to reports.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson approved the Chinese company having a limited stake in the UK’s 5G development in January.

The move caused tensions with the US administration of President Donald Trump, and raised concern among some Tory backbenchers, including former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith.

Donald Trump
Giving the green light to Huawei caused tensions with the Trump administration (Evan Vucci/AP)

The Chinese firm said it was keen to keep British people connected during the coronavirus outbreak.

In an open letter, Huawei’s UK chief Victor Zhang said that there had been a 50% boost to home data use during the course of the virus outbreak in the UK.

The Government has stated that Huawei would be limited to a 35% involvement in the roll-out of 5G in the UK.

Some Tory MPs have raised concerns about security issues if the Chinese firm is involved in Britain’s 5G roll-out.

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