Coronavirus: End-of-life care company has phone line cut by '5G conspiracy idiots’

Majestic Care North West was left with no internet or phone connection after the line was cut (Picture: SWNS)

An end-of-life care company has branded "conspiracy theorists" who cut its phone lines as "idiots" for thinking 5G is causing coronavirus.

Majestic Care North West was left with no internet or phone connection after its cables were cut in an overnight targeted attack on 3 April.

The firm's office was one of three businesses who reported having their lines vandalised in Burnley town centre, boss Alan Cooper said.

After speaking to internet provider BT Openreach, he thinks the lines were sabotaged by believers of a conspiracy theory that roll-out of 5G caused COVID-19.

The attack comes as 5G masts were burnt down in Liverpool and Birmingham after the unsubstantiated theory was shared on social media.

Mr Cooper said: "The main cables to our offices were completely cut, probably with the use of an axe, as there's no way you could cut those cables with snippers, they're too thick.

"We provide end-of-life and continuing healthcare on behalf of the NHS and these care services are vital to people, and cannot be late or missed.

"Currently, we're providing essential healthcare for several COVID-19 patients, and as a result of this idiocy, we were left with serious communication problems between care-co-ordinators and support workers."

Mr Cooper said the phone lines went down around 4.20 am on 3 April and BT repaired them by mid-afternoon due to the nature of its work.

He added: "They armour-plated the cables to prevent further damage.

"At the time, we didn't know the lines had been cut, it was only when a police officer came past later in the evening to ask if we had our internet back did we find out it had happened elsewhere in the town and they were investigating.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said they were called at 7.40 pm on 3 April to a report the phone lines had been cut.

The spokesperson said: "At this stage we are not sure what was used to cut the wires. We are looking at local CCTV and enquiries are ongoing.

"No arrests have been made."

Witnesses are urged to call 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

- This article originally appeared on Yahoo! UK.

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