Traffic wardens deliver food boxes instead of parking fines during pandemic

Traffic wardens in one area of Kent have ditched their usual controversial reputation of bringing misery to drivers and are instead helping people during the coronavirus crisis.

Panic-buying and the lockdown has made it hard for some vulnerable people to get the supplies they need, particularly those who have been told to self-isolate at home for months and are reliant on others to ensure they have enough food.

So traffic wardens with Sevenoaks District Council have started delivering essential food boxes to residents who need them.

Councillor Lesley Dyball said: “In these uncertain times, we are taking on new roles to support older and vulnerable residents who cannot leave the house during the coronavirus outbreak.

Food box delivery
Food box delivery

“I am really proud that our traffic wardens have stepped up to provide a lifeline to those in greatest need.”

This does not mean parking in the district will go unmonitored, however, with the wardens continuing to make limited patrols.

This is to ensure drivers park safely and responsibly, keeping traffic flowing and ensuring access for emergency vehicles.

Residents who need help with their shopping, picking up prescriptions, walking the dog or posting their mail or would like a friendly chat over the phone can sign up to the council’s Care for our Community scheme.

To register, visit or call 01732 227000.