Uplifting news: Clouded leopard kittens and a ‘portable priest’ delivering hope

Two rare clouded leopard kittens have been born in a zoo, while in London a priest is delivering short sermons from his car.

Here is a look at some of Wednesday’s more uplifting stories you might have missed.

– Rare clouded leopard kittens born

Newborn clouded leopards are held by a staff member for their neonatal exams at the zoo in Miami
Both clouded leopards kittens are said to be thriving (Ron Magill/ZooMiami/AP)

A zoo in the US has shown off two baby clouded leopards.

The male and female have been secluded in a den with their mother, Serai, since their February 11 birth so that they could properly bond while avoiding external stress, according to Zoo Miami.

Zookeepers took the kittens on Tuesday to check their development and give them their initial vaccines, and both appear to be doing well.

“Amid all of the stressful news that we are all dealing with, I hope that this can bring a smile to some of your faces,” the zoo’s communications director, Ron Magill, said.

– Doctor marks end of cancer treatment with run

GP celebrates end of cancer treatment with 5K run in garden
Huw McCandless hopes to return to work to help in the fight against Covid-19 (Huw McCandless)

A GP is celebrating his birthday and the end of his brain tumour treatment with a socially-distanced 5km run in the garden.

Huw McCandless, from Cheshire, underwent surgery in January to remove a brain tumour, and has been receiving daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment for the last six weeks.

To mark his 33rd birthday on Wednesday, he will be running 5km in his garden, and is also setting his sights on going back to work on the front line against coronavirus.

Mr McCandless said: “Being positive is so important, trying not to dwell on the negatives, getting exercise can have a huge impact on wellbeing as can doing the things you love.”

– ‘Portable priest’ aiming to deliver hope

A vicar is hoping to lift the spirits of Londoners by offering a mobile church service in response to the coronavirus crisis.

“Portable priest” Pat Allerton has been visiting residential streets in the capital to deliver a prayer and play a hymn through a speaker amid mass closures of places of worship.

The 41-year-old, who says he is observing social distancing and regards the travel as essential, told PA: “It’s about bringing hope to people. And what is more essential than hope in the last few weeks?”

– School makes visors for healthcare staff from teaching equipment

The children will be involved in helping make contact and distribute the masks (St Joseph’s School)

A secondary school has repurposed the machines used to teach students so it can make protective visors for NHS staff.

St Joseph’s in Salisbury has vowed to make 2,000 full-face masks for healthcare workers, with equipment normally used to teach students design and technology.

A GoFundMe to support the project raised over £4,000 in less than a day.

Deputy headteacher Kevin McGuinness told the PA news agency: “We want the children to be involved in the process, so what we are doing is getting those that are still coming into school researching and deciding where they should go, helping and organising those local contacts.”

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