Fox is outfoxed by a football net

A fox that ventured onto a football pitch had to be freed from the goal net after getting into a tangle.

The RSPCA was called to the playing field at Northlands School in Basildon in Essex on Thursday to rescue the distressed animal.

Animal collection officer Anna Glozier said: “The poor fox was well and truly stuck in the netting by his back legs and body and although he didn’t have any injuries, he was extremely distressed and kept trying to slide along the ground when anyone approached, which sadly made him more stuck.

“I released him from the netting and he ran off like a rocket.”

The charity said that netting such as on football goals poses a real hazard to wildlife and many wild animals get trapped in them.

To prevent this from happening, the RSPCA has encouraged people to remove the nets after use and store them safely.