What the papers say- April 3

Reaction to Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s mass testing pledge dominates the nation’s front pages.

The Daily Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Express all lead with the pledge to increase coronavirus testing to 100,000 people a day by the end of the month.

The Daily Mirror also leads with Mr Hancock’s vow alongside a story on the death of comedian Eddie Large, who died as a result of complications from Covid-19. His death is also on the front of the Daily Star.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail and The Independent warn the Government not to “fail this test”.

The i says some NHS workers have been waiting for crucial safety kits for 62 days.

The Metro reports on the UK’s death toll from the pandemic quickly approaching 3,000.

Some coronavirus swabs are being sent to Germany to get quicker results, according to The Sun.

The Guardian leads with the global number of coronavirus cases reaching one million.

And the Financial Times reports on the “surge” in jobless claims throughout Europe and the US caused by the ongoing pandemic.