Elizabeth the baby elephant makes a splash at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Elizabeth the baby elephant has been making a splash at the UK’s largest zoo.

Playing in the pool, she and fellow herd member Lucha were caught on camera by zookeepers with their trunks intertwined.

Elizabeth is the youngest in the herd of Asian elephants at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, which closed last week while the country tackles the coronavirus spread.

Elizabeth the baby elephant with fellow herd member Lucha
Elizabeth the baby elephant with fellow herd member Lucha (ZSL Whipsnade Zoo/PA)

Keepers, vets and other staff are continuing to care for the thousands of animals there, many of which are endangered species.

The zoo, run by international conservation charity ZSL, is appealing for donations via its website to continue its work.

We hope Elizabeth puts a smile on your face today! 😊 #ZooGoesOn#SundayMotivation#SundayFundaypic.twitter.com/RiRNLneZAO

— ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (@ZSLWhipsnadeZoo) March 29, 2020

Animal operations manager, Matthew Webb said: “As the youngest in the herd, Elizabeth is very playful and loves splashing around in the pool.

“Elephants are very social animals and love playing together.

“While so much is changing in the world, life goes on for animals around the zoo, and we’re petty sure these pictures will put a smile on people’s faces!”

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