Father and daughter ambulance-workers urge public to ‘hang in there’

A father and daughter both working in an ambulance during the coronavirus outbreak have urged the public to “hang in there, be nice to each other and stay safe”.

Brian Chipman, 42, and Yasmin Turner, 24, from Greater Manchester have been working shifts together at North West Ambulance Service (NWAS).

Mr Chipman joined NWAS in 2009, since qualifying as a paramedic, while Ms Turner is undertaking an emergency medical technician apprenticeship.

Tweeting a picture of them at work, NWAS wrote: “Dad and daughter duo Brian and Yasmin have been responding together on an overtime shift and we think it’s super sweet.”

Ms Turner’s mother Angela also worked for NWAS for a number of years, and is now training to become a paramedic, which her daughter said had “inspired” her.

“My mum has inspired us both to do this job, to never give up and that you can work your way up,” she said.

In a statement to the public, Ms Turner said: “Please stay at home unless it’s for something essential.

“Please only ring for an ambulance if you really need to and keep up to date with the guidance available from the Government.

“Hang in there, be nice to each other and stay safe.”