What the papers say – March 31

The abuse of NHS staff, questions about police powers and the hunt for a vaccine are among the various angles on the impact of the coronavirus featuring on the nation’s front pages on Tuesday.

The Independent says NHS staff have been gagged from speaking about shortages of protective equipment as they battle the coronavirus on the front lines.

The Daily Mail reports one in four NHS doctors are currently off sick, which is hindering efforts to have as many people as possible tested for the coronavirus.

Metro and the Daily Express say NHS workers have been suffering abuse on the job.

And the Daily Mirror leads with its own campaign to give NHS workers medals.

Meanwhile, The Times reports on Government efforts to bring home up to 300,000 Britons who are stranded abroad.

The Duke of Cambridge is keen to return to his old job with the air ambulance service to contribute to the efforts to fight the pandemic, according to The Sun.

The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph carry stories saying police have been warned against over-reaching in their use of coronavirus lockdown powers.

The Financial Times reports on progress being made against Covid-19 by pharmaceutical companies and firms making testing equipment.

The i says lockdown measures are proving effective in helping the UK beat the coronavirus.

And the only non-coronavirus lead belongs to the Daily Star, which reports that “killjoys” are waging war against Easter eggs.