Two-year-old has message for Boris Johnson as her dad is still working on a construction site during lockdown

Staff writer

Two-year-old Mila from Devon stars in a powerful video message calling out the prime minister over his coronavirus policies.

The youngster is unhappy with the current state-of-affairs as her dad is stuck on a construction site with no social distancing measures.

'It's dangerous!' she exclaims, adding, "there's no social distancing". Then, while contemplating whether to eat a cheese-string, she glumly utters: "My daddy's not safe."

The video, complete with subtitles filling in some gaps in her message, goes on to request financial help for the self-employed and a promise that she'll 'stay positive'.

Signing off she sends her 'love to everyone'.

Elsewhere, employment lawyer Euan Lawrence, of Blacks Solicitors, has given advice to employees, the self-employed, and furloughed workers in the construction industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

See what he had to say below: