NHS volunteering scheme must be quickly set up in Scotland, say Tories

A volunteering scheme for those who want to help NHS Scotland during the coronavirus pandemic should be quickly set up, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

People living in England who do not show symptoms of Covid-19 can sign up to be an NHS volunteer responder, helping those who are most at risk.

This can include delivering supplies for vulnerable people who are self-isolating, transporting discharged patients home or phoning to chat with people who feel isolated.

While the Scottish Government is pointing people towards volunteering opportunities such as the Red Cross community reserves, there is not currently a scheme specific to the Scottish NHS.

The Scottish Conservatives said thousands of people would be willing to help during the Covid-19 lockdown, which is due to last for at least three weeks.

Miles Briggs, the party’s health spokesman, said: “So far, both the Scottish and UK Governments have worked really well together as we face this unprecedented crisis.

“Now this volunteering scheme has been set up for England, this would be another good way for both to collaborate.

“Thousands of Scots would have seen this announcement and immediately looked into it, only to find it was just those living south of the border who could get involved.

“Hopefully now the Scottish Government will follow suit and harness the amazing goodwill that is out there.”

He added: “Ordinary people are desperate to help out our amazing NHS at this crucial time.

“Scots help out fellow Scots when they are facing tough times.

“That’s just how Scotland works and that’s exactly what we are all going to have to do.”

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